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Mary Weaver

Mary Weaver came to photography from an interest in Art having done some work in Ceramics, Painting and Design.

In 1991 she retired from a career as a Medical Technologist having worked at Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg, VA, the Goshen General Hospital (IN) and the Santa Barbara (CA) County Health Care Services. That gave her more time to pursue classes in Art at City College of Santa Barbara and to begin doing serious work with a camera. That also gave her a means of self preservation when traveling with her husband, Hank. When one of them spots a likely subject they both take their cameras and look for their personal interpretations. If they need to wait for hours for the sun to be right neither is inconvenienced.

Mary has learned photography primarily from experience as well as attending workshops and seminars with Steve Anchell, John and Barbara Gerlach, George Lepp, Dewitt Jones and Lisle Dennis.

She has shown her work at Goshen College (2001), Westmont College (2003) and numerous times with the f/9 group in Santa Barbara. Her work is usually on display at Art Matters, 212 W. Washington Street in Goshen, Indiana.

Her chief interests are architectural, landscape and floral photography. She has used 35mm and digital cameras working primarily in color. Most of her work has been processed commercially but more recently she has begun to print her images in a digital darkroom.

Hank Weaver

Hank Weaver began his photographic career at age 8 when he and his sister pooled their resources and bought a Brownie camera. He and his brother took some old darkroom equipment that his father owned and made a darkroom in the basement of their home. From that time on he had access to a darkroom and normally processed his own black and white images. Currently he processes all his images in a digital darkroom.

After retiring from a career as a Chemistry Professor and administrator in several colleges and universities, he began to make photography his major activity. Starting in 1991 he and his wife, Mary, began to produce images for exhibition and to produce a line of blank greeting cards based on their images. To move beyond the hobby level he began serious study with a variety of professional photographers. His chief mentor has been Steve Anchell. He has also taken seminars or workshops with the following people: George Lepp, John and Barbara Gerlach, Fernando and Barbara Moon-Baptista, Charles Farmer, Robert Persky, Lisle Dennis, DeWitt Jones, Ryuijie, and Richard Seiling.

He has shown his images in one- or two-person shows at Goshen College (1992 and 2001), NAFSA in Miami Beach (1994), the American University in Bulgaria (1999), Westmont College (2003) and at several venues with the f/9 group in Santa Barbara CA. Until it closed in 2006, his work as well as Mary's was regularly displayed at the Washington Street Gallery in Goshen, Indiana. Both he and Mary currently have work showing at Art Matters, 212 W. Washington St., Goshen, IN.

Traditionally he has done his work in black and white using medium format cameras. Since the development of digital photography he has begun to digitize his negatives or chromes with a scanner and to print his own work in color. More recently he acquires most images with a digital camera. Currently all his images are printed as Giclee prints.

His current genre is primarily the landscape. In addition to conventional landscape images he is making panoramic photographs by digitally knitting together several images.